ZNFU Structure

ZNFU has three major distinct structures in which constitutionalism and democratic principles are aptly upheld. It is though these structures, particularly the council and the Board of Directors that policy formulation functions exercised.

The Council

Chaired by the president of union council is the supreme body of the union responsible for policy formulation and policy guidance for the organization.

It is made up of representatives of farmers’ Associations, Commodity Associations ,commodity Committees, Corporate members, Agribusiness and Board members. The two trustees of union also attend the council meetings. The council meets three times a  year. Two of the meeting are the ordinary council meeting held during the first and fourth quarter of each year .The third meeting is the Annual General  Meeting (AGM)of council commodity known as the Annual General Congress. The Annual congress mainly consider audited financial statements of the union performance of the union and elects members of the Board of Directors.

The Board

The board is charged with the responsibility of running the business of the organization on behalf the council. It is made up of the president who chairs the board, two (2)Directors representing Farmers’ Associations, two (2)Directors representing commodity /specialized Association & committees ,one (1) representative of corporate members one (1)representative of the Agribusiness chamber ,and one (1) co-opted member. Two vice presidents, who are elected and appointed by the board from among the board members. The two trustees of the union also attend the board meetings. The Executive Director is also a member of board as an Ex –official.