Small-scale Farmers’ Associations

These are district farmers associations made up of pre-dominantly small-scale farmers.  Each association pays an affiliation fee.  The affiliation fee is normally raised from the association members.

Where there is external support in terms of a donor funded project aimed at strengthening the associations, the respective small-scale farmers’ associations pay a higher affiliation fee.

Once the affiliation fee has been paid, all members of the association become automatic members of the ZNFU.  The association chairman is responsible for collecting and forwarding the affiliation fee to the ZNFU together with a list of members of the association.  When joining the association or renewing membership, please ensure that the chairman issues you with a membership card and that he sends your name to the ZNFU head office in Lusaka.

It is a requirement that all individual farmers, farmers clubs and district sub-associations affiliate themselves to the ZNFU through the district farmers’ associations.                        

Large-Scale Farmers’ Associations

These are district farmers’ associations made up of both large-scale and small –scale farmers.  There are only ten (10) such associations in the country.  These are:

  •  Choma/Kalomo                                 
  •  Mkushi                                       
  •  Chisamba                                  
  •  Mazabuka                                 
  •  Chongwe River (Lusaka East)
  •  Copperbelt East
  •  Zimba/Livingstone
  •  Kabwe
  •  Copperbelt West
  •  Lusaka West

In these associations, individual members pay a fee according to their turnover as ZNFU membership fees.

The membership fee is for all farm enterprises except for coffee, tobacco; and export vegetables and flowers as the fees for these ↓postage, local activities etc.  The ZNFU requires that all farmers should belong to the local association before joining the ZNFU.

Anyone having problems to join should contact the ZNFU Head office on the address shown on the first page.  The Head Office will give you information including the name and contact of the district farmers’ association chairman and other details.

Corporate Members

These are members who pay more than K5 million as membership fees.  These members belong to what is known as the “ZNFU Corporate Club” and deal directly with the ZNFU Head office.  Membership fees for corporate members are negotiable but the guiding factor is always 0.3% of turnover.

Although corporate members are a different category of ZNFU membership, they are encouraged to interact with local district farmers’ associations and commodity associations.                        

Commodity or Specialized Associations

These are associations specialized in a particular commodity or activity.  They pay a negotiated amount as affiliation fee except for associations such as ZCGA, TAZ and ZEGA who are able to collect fees for a commodity through their structure on behalf of the ZNFU.  Individual members of ZCGA, TAZ and ZEGA are required to pay fees for Coffee, Tobacco and export vegetables and flowers respectively, through the respective associations.  Fees for other farm enterprises are paid directly to the ZNFU or through the area farmers association.

Agribusiness Chamber

In January 2004, the Agri-business Chamber of the ZNFU was proposed to and endorsed by the agri-businesses.  The Chamber formed an additional category of the ZNFU membership.  The Agri-Business Chamber of the ZNFU only deals with agricultural matters which the Union has always dealt with which affect also the agribusinesses such as matters discussed in ZNFU commodity committees or President Commodity Council meetings. The change meant that the relationship has now been formalized.  Other issues specific to agri-business are handled through other business associations such as Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM), Millers Association of Zambia ((MAZ) and Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI).  

Members of the Agri-Business Chamber are diverse and cut across processors, traders and service providers. The members of the agribusiness chamber pay a fixed amount of K10, 000,000 annually as membership levy to the union. With the Agri-Business Chamber in place, ZNFU has now assumed a role of representing the entire agricultural industry.  This is not only a significant step towards enhancing the lobbying capacity but also leads towards an effective and efficient network of farmers, agri-business, government and other stakeholders that collectively see themselves as the Zambian agricultural industry.  

Associate Members

These are companies or organizations that work with or provide a service to farmers.  They pay a fixed membership fee and are not voting members.