Farm Forestry

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) recognizing the rate of deforestation in Zambia, embraces the urgent need to reposition agriculture towards green climate-smart farming practices that will add value on agriculture as a sector and environmental sustainability on the other hand.

“Farming Trees” is a marketing idiom that seeks to promote the concept of “Trees on Farms”. Farming Trees predominantly carries the capitalist essence of planting trees instead of doing it out of a religious good will that has always been the order of the day. It is capitalism causing deforestation in the country and we can only solve using capitalist principles – among them, Farming Trees! With this in mind the Farmer looks at Trees as cash crops and not natural resources. In order to promote the Farming Tree concept, we need to guarantee the source of seedlings for our target group – the farmers. Hence, the establishment of two nurseries in Chisamba and Choma by the Zambia National Farmers Union(ZNFU). The nurseries will be the pivotal centers for farming trees. They will be open to members of the public though initially advertised to ZNFU farmer members. These nurseries will aim at producing high quality seedlings for the ever-growing demand among small scale, medium and commercial farmers. The wide variety of seedling types will be tailored to meet individual farmer or anybody else’s requirements. There will be a variety of seedlings propagated with different methods. These will include citrus fruits, forestry trees, wood fuel, agro forestry and, eventually, we will venture into organic vegetables.

In summary, we would eulogize Farm Forestry as ….

  • Farming Trees ; money in Trees!
  • Creating Pathways for a green economy
  • Trees for fruits, timber, agro forestry, animal fodder, wood fuel and ornaments
  • Repositioning agriculture in changing climate!