Posted by Benson on February 19, 2018

… as Katambo, Mulenga take up agriculture and Livestock, respectively

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has called for consistency in policy implementation and agriculture stakeholder consultation for the sector to post meaningful growth.


Posted by Benson on January 22, 2018


The FISP e-voucher collection of K400 from farmers closed today with government promising a comprehensive review of the program in March.

By Tuesday 16th January 2018, a total of 700, 000 farmers had been captured on the FISP e-voucher. However, the farmers that had activated and redeemed inputs totalled 575, 617.

Government pledged to capture 87% of farmers by Friday 19th January 2018.

Posted by Benson on December 06, 2017

ZAMBIA National Farmers Union president Jervis Zimba says Zambia’s agriculture is dying. Zimba said in an interview yesterday that what was happening in the agriculture sector was a complete economic sabotage of the worst kind.

He called on President Edgar Lungu to be hands-on before the sector completely goes on it knees Zimba said.

Posted by Benson on November 27, 2017

President Edgar Lungu says government cannot afford to continue repeating past mistakes which threaten the growth of the agriculture sector and has called for speedy distribution of FISP inputs and activation the E-Voucher system.

President Lungu said sound agricultural practices such as planting within the window for planting crops, is vital as this determines crop success, saying therefore, he would like to see the distribution of farm inputs expedited.

Posted by Benson on October 04, 2017

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has welcomed a number of measures advanced by Government in the 2018 National Budget. This is progressive and should be applauded. We have in particular noted the measures taken by Government to improve agriculture productivity and production.

We are cognizant of the plans that Government intends to take to ensure increased agricultural production and diversification.

Posted by Benson on September 25, 2017


Finance Minister Felix Mutati met with the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) on Thursday 21st September, to discuss some expected salient agriculture matters in the budget.

The ZNFU and its affiliate associations briefed the minister that it was grateful that government has identified agriculture to drive the country’s diversification agenda, but needs incentives to actualize the agenda.

Posted by Benson on August 24, 2017

press release

23rd August 2017

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Executive Director’s insistency on maintaining the K60 maize market price clearly demonstrates how us as farmers are being swindled in the worst conceivable way, by a Government institution. 

The FRA is pegging the price of maize at below the cost of production when it is supposed to balance the prices, both for mealie meal and maize production.

We will borrow a saying, which states that; “This is totally exploitation of man by man.”

Posted by Benson on August 14, 2017

The Zambia National Farmers Union(ZNFU) engaged the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) after the FRA announced the 2017 maize producer price. A meeting was held with the FRA on Friday 4th August 2017 as the Union was not consulted prior to announcing the price. During the meeting, the Union made it very clear that the K60 set by the FRA was below the cost of producing maize. The FRA calculations put the cost of growing maize under FISP along the line of rail and in rural areas at K60 per bag and K73 per bag as the cost for non-FISP farmers.

Posted by Benson on August 03, 2017

media release

issued: 3rd August, 2017


Following an outcry by farmers over the K60 Market Price for maize announced by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has written a letter to the Agency requesting for a meeting, which letter was delivered on Tuesday morning of 1st August, 2017.

We are currently still waiting for a response from the FRA, to state exactly the date and time when they are willing to meet with us so that we sit and arrive at a consensus over the market pricing.

Posted by Benson on July 27, 2017

                         PRESS RELEASE

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) is saddened with the maize price of K60/50kg bag announced by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

It is obvious that this price will not benefit the farmer in any way. With a breakeven price for a 50kg bag of maize estimated at K75, the K60 FRA market price leaves a farmer making a loss of K15 per 50kg bag.


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