Posted by Adminstrator on September 06, 2016

The maize industry stakeholders have proposed that there is need for the government to have policies in place that will harness the potential of large and medium scale farmers to produce early maize with a view to maximize the regional market potential. The early maize, which would be planted under irrigation before the on-set of the rain season, would also act as a national food security buffer should need arise. It was however noted that farmers can only be incentivised to produce early maize if there are export off-takers and guarantees from government. this came to light during a Stock Monitoring Committee Meeting that was held yesterday 1st September 2016 at the Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters. Stakeholders agreed that a quick stock verification exercise be conducted so as to give guidance on the current maize marketing season. It was further proposed that exports of the 2015/16 maize marketing season carry-over stocks continue as the stock verification exercise is undertaken. The need for the farmers owed by FRA to be paid was re-emphasized by the stakeholders.